IPv4 and IPv6 Ownership

All IP addresses assigned to customers remain the sole property of UNMETERED.IO and can only be used within the UNMETERED.IO networks on active services. In the event of service termination, the IPs will be reclaimed and reused by UNMETERED.IO.

Guidelines For Allocations

Because IPv4 addresses are a scarce resource, ARIN and RIPE require UNMETERED.IO to document that they are efficiently utilizing existing assigned addresses and are planning efficient utilization of any addresses being requested. ARIN/RIPE policies and RFC2050 promote conservation and deter wasteful use or stockpiling of IP space. UNMETERED.IO is required to abide by these policies or we will be unable to receive further allocations from ARIN and RIPE.

All customer IP requests will be reviewed by UNMETERED.IO to ensure efficient utilization. We do not guarantee IP requests will be approved. New customers are welcome to request approval of IP allocations prior to ordering services. UNMETERED.IO will provide a determination as to new IP addresses prior to ordering services. Such approvals are valid for up to twenty-four (24) hours after notifying the customer.

Upon an initial request of IP address space, UNMETERED.IO will review the information provided may request additional information to validate a technical need for additional IP addresses. UNMETERED.IO reserves the right to review and verify IP allocations are being used for the approved purposes.

While UNMETERED.IO will make every effort to review IP requests the same day, the initial review of an IP request may take up to 48 business hours. Larger or more complicated requests may take additional time to review and process. Accounts with overdue invoices, previously unpaid balances or unresolved abuse requests are not eligible for additional IP allocations until all account issues are resolved.

Customers may use assigned IP addresses as long as the usage is as described in the justification process. UNMETERED.IO may periodically review IP usage and request information to confirm IP(s) are being used as approved during the justification process. In the event UNMETERED.IO determines IP(s) is no longer being used as approved, we will reclaim resources.

UNMETERED.IO will not allocate more than 5 IP addresses to any single server.

Technical Need

UNMETERED.IO will not allocate IPs to customers unless there is a technical need for IP addresses. In the event a customer requests additional IP(s) and UNMETERED.IO determines there is a reasonable method of avoiding using additional IP(s), the IP request will be denied.

UNMETERED.IO encourages the policy of sharing an IP with all domain names on a server where possible to conserve IP resources.

For clients requesting IP addresses for Domain Name Servers (DNS): UNMETERED.IO reminds clients that running multiple IP addresses for DNS does not add redundancy to the DNS infrastructure. For redundant DNS servers, UNMETERED.IO recommends using two separate servers, using the UNMETERED.IO provided DNS servers or the DNS servers provided by your domain registrar.

Privacy of IP Address Information

UNMETERED.IO is required to provide customer reassignment information for all IP addresses, and does so via publishing publicly viewable ‘rwhois’ records. Details provided by customers during the IP address request process may be shared privately with ARIN/RIPE when needed to demonstrate UNMETERED.IO’s adherence to policies of efficient utilization.