Corporate websites and billing portals became unavailable a number of times recently ; during the first rounds of these outages our servers were unaffected but routes serving our primary web pools were diverted ; subsequent outages were caused by maintenance to upgrade our core management infrastructure. Everything has been corrected : no data was at risk during these outages ; design changes for a more seamless experience even during such occurances are being implemented incrementally.

1st Outage - Start/Fix Time: ~9AM Feb 9, 2016 to 11:48AM Feb 9, 2016
Reason : Line Card Failure @ TELUS Communications / Action Taken : Reset Line Card

2nd Outage - Start/Fix Time: ~11PM Feb 9, 2016 to 8:28AM Feb 10, 2016
Reason : SQL Cluster Desyncronization / Action Taken : Reset SQL Cluster

3nd Outage - Start/Fix Time~11AM Feb 10, 2016 to 4:20PM Feb 10, 2016
Reason : Line Card Failure @ TELUS Communications / Action Taken : Replaced Line Card

4th Outage - Start/Fix Time~11PM Mar 1, 2016 to 7:57AM Mar 2, 2016
Reason: SQL Cluster Migration / Action Taken : Move from Burnaby-Only Cluster to Multi-National Redundant Cluster

5th (hopefully final) Outage - Start/Fix Time : ~10PM Mar 27, 2016 to ~11AM Mar 29, 2016 (some site sections)
Reason : nginx Server Configuration / Action Taken : Contract to create & maintain Canada.UNMETERED.WebSite
Notes :  Monitoring with 2-min failover to USA.UNMETERED.WebSite (via CloudFlare) for all UNMETERED.IO web properties

Time Zone : Pacific Standard Time

Services Affected
- All UNMETERED.IO Web Portals ( & frontend websites)
- UNMETERED.Chat (Dashboard)

ALL Partner-Delivered Services Not Affected

Long Term Resolution

Combining Server Health Checking with a Failover DNS record & our pre-existing cross-facility SQL cluster : Web Interfaces should remain unaffected during Burnaby outages with the switchover taking ~ 30 seconds. Cross-facility clustering and frontend hosting has been permanently setup ( failover via VPSes for life @ ).

About UNMETERED ClearingHouse

UNMETERED Trust (Cayman Islands) d/b/a UNMETERED (Canada) d/b/a UNMETERED ClearingHouse is a multinational, non-facilities-based telecommunications wholesale broker which distributes access to every major service provider in the world. We specialize in providing technically demanding professionals and businesses with a wide variety of Software-as-a-Service applications, high speed Internet access, Ethernet transport and colocation services. We were built to serve the Alam family (Vancouver, Canada) and their associates throughout the world at standards more intensive than mainstream offerings allowed at a reasonable cost; such as Shinobi.Video by Moe Alam.

Our responsibility is to organize the availability of capable and high quality yet cost-effective infrastructure for our members. We are a private Canadian Regional Telecommunications Commission registered and licensed service provider; owned by the Alam family and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.