News: UnmeteredCable - Update to Installation Procedure

Published: 2015.12.07 00:00:00

Updates to Shaw (AB/BC Cable Carrier) Wholesale Process

Please take note of Shaw update on Installation Rebooks and Modem offline orders.


Please be advised of the following process updates to Shaw’s TPIA service offering.

1. REPEATED INSTALLATION REBOOKS – Effective immediately, repeated missed installs due to the customer not being present will incur an additional installation charge on the third rebook attempt. Our teams will provide a courtesy reminder on the second rebook attempt. Truck-rolls for installs incur an expense against the company, and it is important that we work to ensure the end-user is home. Please note that this does not apply to missed appointments by the tech.

2. PENDING MODEM OFFLINE– Effective immediately, our teams will proactively notify your front-line teams when a modem appears offline after a completed install. We will request for confirmation that the modem is plugged in, or if a rebook is required. If we do not receive an update in 4-business days, we will cancel the order and disconnect services. Our team will not place the account into billing if we do not receive confirmation. Please note that this does not apply to missed appointments by the tech, or when the customer was not home; for which we will automatically request for a rebook.