News: UnmeteredDSL - PPPoE Authentication Issues ( RESOLVED )

Published: 2015.09.13 00:00:00

It was reported to us around 8PM PST Saturday, Sept 12, 2015 some DSL pool users in BC were experiencing authentication failures on new/re-connections . CipherKey has been notified of the issue and we are awaiting resolution.

Start : 8:06 PM PST Saturday, Sept 12, 2015
End : 7:00 PM PST Sunday, Sept 13, 2015

UPDATE ( 10:20 AM PST ) : Appears if you create a new PPPoE account via PPPoE / IP Manager in ClientArea, it will login/work/connect just fine. Odd issue but this is a temporary fix to the problem. Please contact support to report any lines that have issues.