Start Time : ~7:30AM PST
End Time : 8:37AM PST
Duration : approx one hour

Per Network Partner :

We currently are investigating a network outage issue for multiple CipherKey circuits in Lower Mainland. Our Network and Broadband operations team have created a ticket to track this at Once the routing issue is resolved and we have an update we will let your team know.

Network Member's Remarks :

Can pick my gw and get a hop down the line but then nothing. Routing fails before reaching public Internet.

About UNMETERED ClearingHouse

UNMETERED Trust (Cayman Islands) d/b/a UNMETERED (Canada) d/b/a UNMETERED ClearingHouse is a multinational, non-facilities-based telecommunications wholesale broker which distributes access to every major service provider in the world. We specialize in providing technically demanding professionals and businesses with a wide variety of Software-as-a-Service applications, high speed Internet access, Ethernet transport and colocation services. We were built to serve the Alam family (Vancouver, Canada) and their associates throughout the world at standards more intensive than mainstream offerings allowed at a reasonable cost; such as Shinobi.Video by Moe Alam.

Our responsibility is to organize the availability of capable and high quality yet cost-effective infrastructure for our members. We are a private Canadian Regional Telecommunications Commission registered and licensed service provider; owned by the Alam family and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.