UNMETERED.Link/VPN - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should I use UnmeteredVPN?

    There are countless reasons, amongst them : Browse the Internet without leaving your Internet protocol (IP) address all over the place, secure any connection with encryption to our tunnel servers located within major telecommunications facilities; or just get around content restrictions and censorship with unfiltered access using a server in your desired region.

  2. I just signed up for VPN. When will my account be ready?

    Although our administration is software managed, new accounts are security screened as they are received 24 / 7 / 365 by our accounts team ; service provisioning should be completed within four (4) hours of order placement.

  3. I already have an UNMETERED.IO account. What to do now?

    If you check inside ClientArea : do you have a VPN service package? If not, order one to get started!

  4. How can I cancel my account?

    This is incredlibly easy, just login to your ClientArea account and click on the respective service package ; there should be a "Request Cancellation" button on the top right. It's that easy!

  5. Can I have a free trial?

    Sure, we can do a week. Feel free to signup order a VPN package and select "Check / Money Order" as payment method, we'll update the billing date on the invoice to start a week from signup at time of activation.

  6. Are there limits?

    There really aren't except for ethical usage ; we don't maintain logs of your activies but the system is able to list connected users for any given moment ( partners don't maintain historical data, either ).

  7. What if I exceed my limitation of storage, users or projects?

    Well, the only real limit is five concurrent connected users ; if more try to connect, the authentication will simply fail. There are no consequences or anything for this except needing to disconnect a user or two.