UNMETERED.Link/VPN - Windows PC (PPTP) Setup Instructions


This is a guide for setting up a manual UnmeteredVPN PPTP VPN connection on your Windows PC.

If your PC is running Windows 8 or 8.1, there is a slightly different step to reach 'Network and Sharing Center', please see the steps at the end of this guide for instructions.

  1. Click ’Start’ then select ’Control Panel’. Step 1
  2. Choose ‘Network and Internet’. Step 2
  3. Select ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Step 3
  4. To set up the VPN, select ‘Setup a new connection or network’. Step 4
  5. Choose ‘Connect to a Workplace’, then ‘Next’. Step 5
  6. Click ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN)’. Step 6
  7. Enter one of the UnmeteredVPN VPN servers in the 'Internet address' field which you can find listed on the VPN Servers Page.
  8. Type a name for the VPN in the 'Destination name' field, and check the ‘Don’t connect now box. Then click ‘Next’.

  9. Type in your UnmeteredVPN user name and password, and press ‘Create’. 
    Step 9
  10. Don’t connect yet - press ‘Close’.
  11. Select ‘Connect to a network’. Step 11
  12. Right click the network you just set up - select ‘Properties’.  
  13. Select the Security tab and complete the following settings. 
    • Type of VPN - PPTP
    • Data Encryption - ‘Require encryption’
    • Check 'allow these protocols' 
    • Make sure only ‘MS CHAP v2’ is enabled
  14. Under the 'Networking' tab.  
    • Uncheck ALL apart from ‘Internet Protocol V4’ then click ‘OK’.
  15. Select ‘Connect or disconnect’. Step 15
  16. Select the VPN connection and click ‘Connect’.  
  17. Ensure your Username is entered, and click ‘Connect’.  
  18. You should now be successfully connected to the UnmeteredVPN VPN.

Windows 8 & 8.1

  1. Move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen and select ‘Search’. 
  2. Type ‘Network and Sharing Center’ into the search box, and select it from the options. 
  3. Continue now from Step 4 in the above instructions.