Frequently Asked Questions ( UnmeteredCable )


How do I sign up?

Please confirm service availability via our availability tool and select the package you're eligible for. Our toll free sales & support lines are available for complex queries but for the most part: everything is streamlined, self-serve and automated maintaining our price point and quality of service.


What is the installation procedure? Can I install the modem myself?

As a customer, you may order a modem/bridge during at time of checkout or use your own unlocked DOCSIS 2.0 or 3.0 modem.

Once your order is placed you will receive a real-time order tracking URL from our account provisioning team which will provide any applicable updates from the relevant carrier. If you have multiple telephone lines at your premise, please specify which line you would like connected in the notes section during order checkout otherwise line 1 will be requested by default.

Upon request of the installation to our respective carrier for your region: a local carrier telco installer will visit your premise on the due date as noted in carrier order tracking url and activate the line requested line @ your premise demacation point. Plug in your DSL modem into the relevant telephone jack and your preconfigured modem should come online on it's own!

If the DSL light comes online but Internet doesn't, please confirm your PPPoE Login Information from ClientArea in your DSL modem: the modem does not require a reboot after changes and should come online immediately. If any questions, please don't hesitate to call our support team.


What happens if the carrier discontinues my selected package on their site?

We support multiple connection mediums while migrating residential apartment buildings with sufficient demand to our packaged MDU / condo connecitivity solutions UnmeteredEthernet and UnmeteredFiber; our multi-product & service wholesale agreements and rates with regional buying groups supercede even an individual carrier's ability to substantially affect our costs as a competitive service provider.


Is my information safe with Unmetered Internet?

Yes! We have a very simple privacy policy. We do not share any of your private/contact information with anyone unless required by law; but even then we notify the primary account contact of the orders we receive when allowable by law. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information. We do our best not to directly route your data but rather through our wholesale network partners CipherKeyShaw and Telus. Our capability to systematically serve multiple connection mediums gives unparalled convenience in redundancy provisioning.


How can I tell if Unmetered Internet service is available in my area?

If you are unsure of Unmetered Internet service availability with our lookup tool, please contact our sales team via ticketemail, live chat  or phone (844-UNCAPME ; 9-5 M-F, 10-2 Sat, Closed Sun). You will need to provide your address or phone number (DSL only) so we can check if you qualify.


Can I use your residential UnmeteredCable services for my business?

Our residential DSL services can only be applied to residential phone lines. Our business DSL services are limited to 25Mbps per line but the pricing and network are the same.


What's included with my DSL internet account?

Your DSL account includes unlimited downloads, no email addresses (there are plenty of quality free email services online: we didn't want to add unnessecary overhead) and access to our support team if you have any problems or questions. Select DSL bundles may also include our TV and SIP phone services.


How fast will my DSL internet be?

Your business or residential DSL internet is guaranteed to provide a dedicated downstream link at the subscribed speed. Upstream is performance is delivered on a best-available and best-effort basis dependant on local/dry loop signal strength. Our network always has more available network capacity than any DSL client could ever use. DSL internet speeds will vary based on location and the length of the phone line between your residence and your local phone company hub.


How long does it take for my service to become active after I sign up?

After you sign-up your service will take up to 7 to 10 days to be ready for use. There may be delays if the telephone company has an installation problem. To avoid delays, please be sure to always provide complete and accurate information during sign-up.


Do your DSL packages include installation?

If you are ordering only DSL service: the local telco carrier will install your DSL line to the 'demarcation point' (usually the telephone box outside your house or in the wiring room of apartment buildings); we specifically request line1 be activated into your premise and if you would like otherwise please specify in the notes box during ordering. If you require professional assistance with the activation of your in-house wiring to the wiring from the telephone pole: we can send a CipherKey/Unmetered approved installer to your location for $100CAD+tax but really, everything that needs to be done should be managable with moderate technical knowledge (eg helpful husband/techie wife).


Will my UnmeteredDSL speed fluctuate during "peak hours"?

With Unmetered Internet DSL you have a dedicated line that isn't shared with anyone else in your neighbourhood. The available bandwidth to your residence is generally always the same no matter what time of the day it is; regardless of the network capacity used by your neighbors. Our network partners always have sufficient network capacity to route data to their datacenters without any bottlenecks.


Can I talk on the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone while I use my UnmeteredDSL?

Unlike dial-up internet, which ties up your phone line while you surf the web, DSL internet does not. Every device in your house that connects to a phone line must have one of the included filters (aka POTS filter) connected to it. This includes corded phones, cordless phones, fax machines, alarm systems, digital TV boxes, etc. One filter is included with your installation kit. Additional are available from our sales team for a low cost.


If I travel to another city, or move, can I bring my modem with me for service?

Your DSL service is specifically tied to the physical phone line in your residence. You can take your DSL service with you to any city in our coverage area. Please call us as to inform us of your address change at least 7 business days before you move to allow time for the line to be installed at your new residence. No administration fee will apply when moving your DSL service to a new address.

What payment methods do you accept, and how often am I billed?

UnmeteredDSL service is billed on monthly to trienial terms. We currently accept credit card (any billing cycle ; tokenized credit cards managed by Stripe.com via clientarea), cheque (please make payable to: UNMETERED) and Interac email money transfer (annual and longer terms only).


Can I cancel at any time?

We hate to say goodbye, but since you aren't in a contract we only require that you to select "Request Cancellation" via our clientarea in the "Service Management" section of the product you're cancelling. Cancellations will not be honored by electronic mail, fax or postal mail. If you're leaving for an extended period of time but would like to resume service at a later date, you may opt to have us suspend your account until you return, please open a support ticket with relevant dates and notes will be made on your account regarding your request. How to close your account and/or refund of prepaid balances.