1. Use as much transfer as you like : we've never terminated anybody for transfer related issues ! ( but please, do your best to keep it lawful )
  2. No port scanning /etc of remote networks without consent of targets : with the unfiltered nature of our access, you as a connected entity have a tad more capability than mainstream connectivity ; use it wisely because our objective is to empower society but that includes a duty to protect it even if it costs us ... UNMETERED will not hesitate to terminate malicious network users. If an account is cancelled for abuse, any prepaid balances will be refunded upon service termination minus any carrier-invoiced network abuse management expenses.

  3. If a single connection medium and/or carrier can not provide service at subscribed standards, we'll present all our options before cancellation. We manage multiple mediums and services to our simplified standards. UNMETERED would rather refund and cancel services than deliver substandard services worthy of complaint (line conditions vary depedant on service location/region) : we're not in the business of signing people up to collect money just to collect a steady income, we're in the business of delivering Internet services to our standards and recovering the associated costs as automatically as possible to maintain UNMETERED.IO value.

    Cancellation system compliant with CRTC Broadcasting and Telecom Policy 2014-576
  • Immediate cancellation with prompt balance refund processing available self-serve via Client Area.